In December 2014, I had the pleasure of performing in Ezra Masch's BIG BANG III installation at Philadelphia's Icebox Gallery.


Fluorescent lightbulbs are arranged in a 3-dimensional grid, filling the interior of the Icebox Project Space in Philadelphia. Live audio from a drum set is mapped in the grid of lights, translating the volume of sound to the volume of space. Drummers are invited to create live performances.

Created by Ezra Masch, this piece is part of an ongoing collaboration between Ezra and Dan Green. Dan’s company, 4MS pedals, designs and builds electronic musical instruments that are used in a wide array of applications. One of Dan’s modular synthesizer designs is used in this project to divide audio frequencies from the drums into multiple channels based on range of amplitude. The output channels are connected to relays that trigger the lights. Areas of the room’s floor plan and elevation correspond to levels of volume and levels of pitch. Drummers are connected to the space of the gallery through the sounds they produce. Visual forms, patterns, and textures influence the creative process as the drummers play.

drum set, contact microphones, electronics, fluorescent lightbulbs, hardware
100′ x 50′ x 20′